Coping Game. A recovery game for mental health. (SEE TGG-2294)

Coping Game. A recovery game for mental health. (SEE TGG-2294)


  • $40.00

The Coping Game encourages players to recognise stressors, warning signs, specific coping strategies, and behaviours that encourage wellness. The game reinforces healthy lifestyles with the use of humour and peer interaction.

The game focuses on recovery issues such as:
  • Stressors that can cause uncomfortable symptons
  • Warning signs that symptons are getting worse
  • specific coping strategies for reducing stress and the likelihood of relapse
  • Behaviours that encourage wellness.
The Coping Game is a board game in which players move along a path where they may be direced to psychiatric emergency services, the doctor's office, drug rehab, a support group, or a nature walk. In the game, players deal with issues that they may experience in their lives.

Settings for use:

Acute hospital inpatient units, sub-acute facilities, mental health community centres, outpatient day treatment facilities and dual diagnosis programs.

  • Game Board
  • Die
  • 10 Pawns
  • 5 decks of cards - Creative Coping, Warning Signs, Healthy Choices, Recovery Questions and Stress Overload. (35 cards per deck).

Players: up to 10

Ages: Teens & Adults

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