Phonology Resource Pack for Adult Aphasia

Phonology Resource Pack for Adult Aphasia


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This easy-to-use therapy resource breaks down the phonological skills needed for language into familiar tasks across the modalities of spoken language, pictures and written language. Graded in difficulty, it consists of separate workbooks for ease of use and portability, with ready-to-use programmes and worksheets for clinic and home practice. This huge resource provides flexible materials to help aphasic clients understand, learn and practice the phonological skills needed for expression. Certain tasks correlate directly with sub-sections in the PALPA (Psychological Assessment of Language Processing in Aphasia). With more than 300 photocopiable illustrations, this is a valuable and easy-to-use addition to the therapy materials already used in the impairment-based approach to aphasia therapy. Word and picture rhyme activities are graded into easy, moderate and difficult tasks to use in therapy or to photocopy to create worksheets for home practice. Special featuresof this book are: very few resources available for phonology work with adult aphasics; supports established assessment material eg, PALPA; contains an extensive, photocopiable picture library; and accessible style and format.

Comes with Book 1-5

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