[LS-37620] NonVerbal Language Kit (age7-16)

[LS-37620] NonVerbal Language Kit (age7-16)


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This unique program trains students to detect and understand specific and subtle aspects of nonverbal language with unparalleled illustrations and research-based techniques.

Use the information, activities, and visual materials in the kit to isolate, exaggerate, and demonstrate nonverbal language parameters to students. Training exercises in a variety of formats help students expand skills to everyday life. The kit contains:

100 5"x 7" illustrations
-illustrations of the key visual characteristics that differentiate the six -basic emotions (sad, happy, mad, surprised, scared, disgusted)
-basic emotions are depicted multiple times, showing a range of intensity
-details in illustrations help students recognize subtle shifts of expression that convey secondary emotions such as teasing, playful, bored, frustrated, doubtful, embarrassed, envy, loving, calm, and defensive
-four different models allows for comparison of facial expression between persons
-illustrations of 29 gestures and postures
-the back of each card lists key visual characteristics and examples of accurate interpretations of the portrayed emotion

88-page manual
-overview of the development of nonverbal language skills
-teaching strategies for children with nonverbal learning disorders (NLD), autism -spectrum disorders (ASD), ADHD, and language-based learning disabilities
-rules of eye contact and negative eye behaviors
-detailed analyses and illustrations of expressions of the eyes and forehead, the nose and cheeks, and the mouth and chin
explanations and rules for gestures and postures
-appropriate use of paralinguistic factors such as vocal volume, tone, and pitch; speaking style; time and punctuality; the context of the communication; and personal space and touch
-observation checklist, performance checklist, and student checklist
-32 training activities
training guidelines and goals

Face It! Bingo
-reinforce recognition of basic emotions
-two games (18 calling cards and 18 game boards)
-for one to nine players