[KTR-T0005] Nessy Fingers (single-user/WIN/MAC)

[KTR-T0005] Nessy Fingers (single-user/WIN/MAC)


  • $10.00

Nessy Fingers is a typing tutor with a difference

The first thing you notice about Nessy Fingers is how different learning to type is from other typing programs. Nessy Fingers uses the alphabet to teach keyboard skills unlike other typing tutors that start with the 'home row'.

In five short lessons you will learn the alphabet. To improve your typing skills there are several exciting games available which uses National Curriculum word lists to practise with. To encourage typing there is a 'Hall of Fame' where you can win trophies as a reward for accurate typing.

To make learning more interesting there is a range of music and noises available for the different games. The settings menu allows different colour styles for the text bar and there is a timer available for the games.

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