Explode the Code Book 3 (Student/K-4)

Explode the Code Book 3 (Student/K-4)


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Explode the Codeå¨åÊis a series of 14 phonics workbooks that can either be used as your primary teaching tool. Explode The Code provides a sequential, systematic approach to phonics in which students blend sounds to build vocabulary and read words, phrases, sentences, and stories. Frequent review of previously learned concepts helps increase retention. Each workbook in this series contains exercises that incorporate reading, writing, matching and copying. The consistent format of the books helps facilitate independent work.åÊBooksåÊ1 1/2åÊthroughåÊ6åÊ1/2 should be used with children who need more practice on topics already covered in the other books.åÊ

The exercises in Explode The Code Book 3 begin with words that present y as a vowel, then progress to long vowels with silent-e, and finally to consonant and vowel digraphs. Students practice blending sounds to read and write one-syllable words that include digraphs and long vowel sounds. In addition, several review lessons are included. Grades 1-3.

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