[EPS-2711] S.P.I.R.E. Teacher Materials. Blackline Masters Level 3

[EPS-2711] S.P.I.R.E. Teacher Materials. Blackline Masters Level 3


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Specialized Program Individualizing Reading Excellence

These Blackline Masters provide materials for teaching Key Word Concepts, Concept Mastery Fluency Drills, and for assessing phonics skills and word identifications and include:
Key Word Concept Sheets and Key Word Cards

Each Key Word Concept Sheet shows a word that exemplifies a phonogram or concept, and its picture. Key Word Cards are smaller versions of the Key Word Concept Sheets, to be distributed to each student. They are used in an Introductory Lesson.

Phoneme Segmentation Sheets
These diagrams act as graphic organizers and handy surfaces for the segmentation activities that employ the chips and rectangles manipulatives.

Handwriting, Dictation, or Spelling Paper
The Blackline Master is designed to facilitate the dictation and/or spelling steps in the lessons. Two sizes of lines are available for primary and intermediate grades.

Concept Mastery Fluency Drills
These drills offer additional practice with a concept for students who need help developing fluency.