Asperger's Huh? A Child's Perspective. 2e

Asperger's Huh? A Child's Perspective. 2e


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‰ÛÏAsperger‰۪s Huh?‰۝åÊwas written by a clinical psychologist with over 20 years experience with children. Its readability for children would be about grade 4 and up. With 50 pages and illustrations taking up 12 pages, even with large print and only a paragraph on some pages, there is a large amount of information. The story line read as a short voyage of self-discovery as the main character uncovered the mystery of difference between himself and other children. The description of these differences was always done by concrete examples and with matter-of-fact acceptance. As the differences became clearer, the author wove in four skills to help the child cope: Flexible (try to change), Adaptable (if you can‰۪t change, try to change what is around you), Appropriate (the right thing at the right time) and Trust someone (mother, father or teacher). Because such children frequently find themselves in difficulties with other children for reasons they have difficulty understanding and with consequences that are not always desirable, the author includes examples, and by doing so conveys both empathy for the child and a message that it is possible to pick oneself up and keep going. The message and the need to find strengths to compensate for some of the difficulties in social situations are positively portrayed throughout. Our staff has found that this book has been helpful with selected children with pervasive developmental disorders in a day treatment setting.

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