Angling For Words - Teacher's Line

Angling For Words - Teacher's Line


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Phonics programs may go in and out of fashion in mainstream education, but there's always an ongoing need for them -- especially among special needs students who require visual pegs to hold onto as they climb the literacy ladder. The Angling for Words instructional program is one that teachers across the country have depended on for many years...because it works! Developed by remedial language therapist Carolyn Bowen and other talented educators, the program is carefully designed to combine auditory, tactile, and motor channels. Based on classic Orton-Gillingham procedures, it offers students with learning difficulties a step-by-step approach for learning efficient reading and spelling skills.

The key elements of the program are the Basic Angling Workbook, which focuses on building beginning decoding skills, and the Study Book and Teacher's Line, both appropriate for use with students who have skill levels of 4th grade and up. The Angling Workbook gives students added opportunities to apply the decoding skills they are learning in the Study Book.

Angling for Words is an effective phonics program for elementary students and ESL and adult literacy classes. LD youngsters typically do not respond well to instructional programs that are highly visual. They require a program that is incremental and carefully designed to combine auditory, tactile, and motor channels so that they are truly multisensory. This easy-to-follow guide (orange cover) gives the essential background and directions for using the Angling for Words program for teachers who have not had a thorough training in a multisensory, structured, and sequential approach to language. It includes specific objectives for eachlevel, evaluation tests, special techniques, and a page-by-page sequence for integrating the Study Book, Workbook, and Phono Cards into a unified program. An answer key to the Workbook is included as well as a phonetic survey and lesson plans

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