[LS-32029] 50 Quick-Play Vocabulary Games (BK-CD)

[LS-32029] 50 Quick-Play Vocabulary Games (BK-CD)


  • $30.00

Students use new vocabulary skills spontaneously in 50 exciting games! The reproducible games have ready-to-use stimuli and simple instructions.

A large variety of games in this book gives you lots of teaching options:

-reinforce several semantic skill areas
-teach vocabulary by themes
games at two difficulty levels
-use the games for therapy, learning centers, and take-home activities
-goal-driven stimuli for two or more players
-customize many of the game boards with your own stimulus items

Games 1-25 contain words relevant for grades 1-3. The vocabulary is arranged by theme and includes topics such as animals, community, math concepts, geography, money, the arts, seasons, signs, tools, transportation, and more.

Games 26-50 are organized by vocabulary skill and incorporate words appropriate for grades 3-6. The skill areas include: context clues, associations, multiple meanings, figurative language, Greek and Latin roots, synonyms and antonyms, attributes, abbreviations, homophones, and analogies.

The games are easy to set up and play. You will need different-colored game tokens, dice, plastic game chips, blocks, and coins to play many of the games. Distribute the games as printed, or color and laminate them for future use.

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